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LYMLiTE's focus is getting you set up with a unified digital presence that captures your essence across digital media, and doing it crazily affordably. In this section you'll learn about other crazily affordable elements like biz cards and merch, where, as usual, we do all the work, you just tell us what you want.

All prices listed on this page are ONE-TIME fees.

Business Cards

Get your look unified on screen and paper

We get your identity and key art all set up first.

Then we provide you with multiple options for a bizcard as well.

Your cards should match your site.

Business cards remain an invaluable tool in impromptu meetings or gatherings. As always, our process is painless and uber-high-end. Let us design the perfect complement to your website and social media presence.



500 Cards (Shipping included)


Get your identity onto an immense variety of products

Raise money and spread your brand.

We upload your logo in various forms to café and create a store for you. You can set the price -- high if you want to raise money, or low if you want to move product and get your identity out there. We can pipe it into your site so the user never leaves your website. All profits are deposited to your account directly from the store.


Complete store, dozens of products, piped into your site

Social Graphics pack

Get your identity unified on all social media platforms

Clean up your Social Media presence.

Every social platform you want to be on has its own very specific dimensions and recommendations to be sure that you look good on all devices of all sizes. Most people ignore these guidelines, and almost certainly are coming across suboptimally without even knowing it.

We send you a zip folder full of professionally designed images using your unified key art in all the right dimensions, and give you guidance on how to get each to the right place. You don't have to think about any of it, but you'll be glad you've gotten your social media presence cleaned up and super tight.



A full zip folder full of graphics you can use on all major platforms, with guidance instructions.

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