Frequently Asked Questions


Which costs are recurring, and which costs are one-time setup fees?

The hosting of your site, which is $25/mo if you pay annually, or $31/mo if you pay monthly, and $75/mo if you want us to handle all content updating, are the only costs we have that are recurring.

Is there a yearly contract involved?

If you choose to pay monthly, you can cancel any time. If you pay annually, you can cancel anytime and remaining months can be refunded. In either case a minimum of $99 is not refundable to cover our costs.

If we don't order the Biz cards or any other feature at the time of purchase, can we order later?

Yes, every feature that we offer can be purchased at any time. However, because it is much easier for us to install those features at startup time, we offer steep discounts if you order those features with your website.

How much storage space do I get?

We have a flexible limit of about 1 GB of storage space per website.

Design process

I have my own logo, does that reduce the cost of design?

Our design fee of $99 (waived under our current sale) is for the whole process, including work required to get existing material such as a pre-existing logo into proper placement on the website, so the fee remains unchanged.

If at some later point we want to change our design, what's involved?

You have the ability at any time to swap to a completely new design. One of the great things about our system is that you can request a new design, and all the content that you have developed on your site, including text, images, and navigation structure, remains untouched and perfectly in place.

Can we use our own designer?

All of our designs are tightly integrated into our editing system. This is what makes our system so easy and so affordable, and it also means that we can only offer our own designs. However, as we get into the design process, feel free to send us a mockup of or link to a desired design, and our designers will do their best to achieve the desired look.

How long does the full design process take?

The turnaround time on our end is usually just a few business days at each step, but it can often be quicker than that. If you're quick with approval and providing assets, we can have you live within a week.

Page Management

Do I have complete control over pages and menu items?

Absolutely. We give you a Page Management tool that makes adding, deleting, moving, publishing, and unpublishing of pages all point-and-click easy. You have complete control over which pages are visible or hidden from public view, you can add as many pages as you wish, and you can rearrange the order of links in your menu all from your Page Manager.

Is there a page limit?

There is no limit to the number of pages you can create, although good web design should tend toward concision as much as possible.

Can we have private pages?

Yes, you can set up any page to not appear on the nav menu. Be advised though that search engines MAY still be able to pick up on pages that don't have any links to them.

Site Editing

Some of your pages look complex, can I really edit them myself?

Absolutely. While we do create some more complex, well-designed pages for you, editing their content is easy, and you can rearrange them at will. And creating your own pages is very straightforward.

How about adding images?

It is very easy indeed to place your images on any page. We make creating galleries and slideshows very simple and adding single images with captions is very easy.

Will you do editing for me?

The ideal situation is that you learn the very simple steps to edit the site yourself, it makes things go much more quickly, and usually leads to greater creativity on your part. Having said that, if you ever get stuck, you can always call or email us and we are there to help you.

Do you have a service where you handle the maintenance of the site?

Yes, we can handle your ongoing site maintenance for you, and we'd have to figure out a very reasonable monthly fee for that based on your needs. If this is something useful to you, call us at 747-444-5808 click thru to "Sales" to discuss. 

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