Site Features

With LYMLiTE you hit the ground running. Rather than leaving it to you to set up pages from scratch, we have the essential pages all set up for you. And if you order our Content Setup service, the site is even more complete.

But once you get into editing your site, you'll find the interface to be intuitive and simple. Updating the text, images, docs, videos on your site is a breeze, and frees you up to get creative with your content.


Easy Interface

Our Design work is only the beginning. Our super-intuitive interface makes updating your site easy.


Style Panel

Our patent-pending Style Panel lets you effortlessly style any page – your homepage, your lists, etc., with easy and fun controls


Form Builder

Snap together user forms in minutes. Let your users give feedback or suggestions. All form data is emailed to you, AND also stored in a database that can be downloaded.

Media Manager

Add videos and audio to your site with ease. With Media Manager you can post YouTube and Vimeo videos, Soundcloud and other audio sources to any page in minutes.

Content Editor

Changing the text or image on any page is equally easy with our inline editor. What you see in the editor is exactly what will be on the page, making it wonderfully easy.

Page Manager

Add, delete, or move any page in your website with point-and-click ease using our patent-pending Page Manager.

Bells and Whistles

Calls to actions, buttons, Countdown counters, progress bars, Polls, testimonial boxes, Google maps modules, and many more features are easily deployable to any page.

Photo Galleries

A Variety of shapes and sizes to present sets of images is available. Select the images for a given gallery and then have fun choosing a style with our simple but flexible interface.



Give your page a little motion with animated elements. Any block can be set to fade in, sweep in, or a variety of other motions. The effects are kept subtle to not overdo it, but it does bring style to your pages.

Homepage Manager

Easily edit and style your valuable home page. Our Homepage Manager will have you perfecting your homepage in minutes.

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