Our Process

Or How to Get an Incredible Website Without Really Trying.


We find out from you what you want to project on your site. We get a sense of your style and your vibe. You give us images, links, whatever else you want to have us use for your design.



Our in-house high-end designers get creative and come up with a sheet of possible letterhead/logos for your name, band, company, brand etc. You give us feed back, and we zero in on the right logo for you.



Our designers now take your letterhead/logo choice, the images you gave us, and your notes, and we get 3 initial proofs of web design to you. Again with your feedback, we find your perfect look.



We set up your site for you. Beautiful and rich home page, all basic pages in place. If you already have a site, we can transfer some of all of the key content from there. We send you the link to your new site.


You login to your new site. We show you how to edit the content that is already in place, and how to add pages and features with our beautifully simple interface.

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